Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Comments I've Made on Carpetbagger Report

When rightwing publications make spurious attacks on Hillary Clinton, Obama should refuse to respond to it and especially refuse to respond in a way that accepts it as true and really especially shouldn't tack on their own complaints in their response. It would help dispel the appearance that Obama is okay with benefiting from the Clinton-hatred noise machine.

The danger is for Obama to be piggybacking on wingnut attacks to launch his own attacks.

They came for Hillary, but I wasn’t Hillary so I did nothing. Then they came for me…
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Being gullible about rightwing innuendos because they are "easy to believe" is a weak-ass substitute for thinking.
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Clinton Rules state that anything the least bit controversial the Clintons or their surrogates say will be reverberated through the rightwing noise machine.
Temporary Obama Rules (they’ll change if he’s the candidate) state that he’s not nitpicked so much.
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The kid who hits back gets caught. Another Clinton Rule is that when she responds to an attack, it is her attack that gets highlighted without the context of the

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