Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Brokeback Clinton

Clinton is giving Obama a vetting he’ll never forget. And neither will we. She’s broken her own back by trying to break his. But Clinton’s campaign is an almost perfect model of how the Republicans will act in the GE: the identity-attacks, the litigiousness, the pandering, using the powers that be that she is a part of. To paraphrase Kill Bill: Did I think she could do this. Yes. But I didn’t think she would do it to her own Party.

Hillary has taken me on what is now a ubiquitous journey from supporting her, to defending her, to supporting Obama, to finding her despicable. If she wanted to devalue hope, she’s done it.
Couple of thoughts:

Hillary might think she’s immune to rightwing attacks, but she is creating many new occasions for ridicule with her Bosnia comments, and her CiC claims. And don’t think the Republicans wouldn’t love to have the “she stole the nomination” thing to attack.

If the primary goes to the convention, Clinton will be renounced and rejected in a very public way. Does she really want that?

Moment of silence for Richard Widmark.

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